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Lotus Idiomas


  1. The enrolment in this centre is only valid with the official form (also available on our webpage).
  2. On the day of enrolment, 30% of the total fee should be paid. The rest is paid by direct debit or cash before the start day of course.
  3. Enrolments from abrood can be made by sending us the enrolment form as well as a copy of the remittance of 30% of the total fee + bank charges. The deposit payment has to be made in euros by bank transfer or money order. The rest of the fees is to be paid at the beginning of the course. The enrolment has to be made at least two weeks before the course begins. For enrolmentsat a shorter notice, please consult us first.


  1. In case of cancellation, the deposit cannot be refunded.
  2. The course starts on the first day of classes. Once started, no refunds are made.
  3. Private classes should be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance in order to obtain a refund.
  4. By law Lotus Idiomas closes on local and national festive days with no refunds made.
  5. Lotus Idiomas reserves the right to carry out changes in its programmes.
  6. This contract is valid until further notice.
  7. Selecting payment by bank transfer, all bank charges have to be paid by the student.
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